All service providers are independent businesses. We simply provide a connection between the nonprofit and the service provider.

At the same time, we vette our service providers. We select only nonprofit friendly providers and check that they can do what they are offering through our service.

We cannot guarantee that any specific engagement go as expected. It is your responsibility to select the right service provider for your specific needs. What we know is that the service provider can provide the service they offer through our site.

For example, if you identify a website developer, Awakened Innovations knows they can build quality websites. Different web developers, however, specialize in different types of websites. Some do quick and inexpensive templated sites, some use WordPress while others avoid WordPress, some do only custom work, some specialize in eCommerce sites. Some of vendors will build a website for a few hundred $’s, some have minimums of $1800 or $2500, one has worked on a website that cost over $500k. You need to select the one who can help with your specific needs.

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