Fundraising Strategies

One of the main topics we are asked about is how can nonprofits get more funds. Here are a few specific strategies we support. There are dozens of additional fundraising mechanisms we support. Let us know what you are looking for and we can set you up with providers who can help you.

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Add a Business Aspect to Your Organization

Many nonprofits are starting to realize the benefit of adding a business component to their organization. The common term is "Social Enterprise." What items can your make and sell, or what services can you provide that will further your mission while raising money? We have several options available and may be able to help your organization come up with other ideas.

Board Development

Your board is your primary conduit into the community and for fund raising. If your board is not facilitating your efforts, you should consider getting assistance to develop your board.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are generally seeking large amounts of money for a specific purpose such as acquiring/renovating a building, large piece of equipment, or growing an endowment. It takes significant and specific skills to successfully complete a capital campaign. With the significant outcome of these campaigns, hiring an experienced professional to help you can be the difference between success and failure.

Credit Card Processing

Many people don't consider saving money the same as fundraising, but you should. Every dollar you don't spend is 1 less you need to raise. We have national credit card processors who want to work with your organization to give you GREAT rates on your processing. Talk to them and see if they can help. It's a free conversation. What do you have to lose except excess processing fees?

Get Donations When Your Supporters Travel

What if you could get a return on the costs your supporters incur on their travel? What if this were 5-10X what Kroger or Amazon Smiles pays? It's simple to do this with a widget you can place on your site. They get the same prices as the on-line travel sites and you get support for your mission? Why would you not do this?

Google Grants

Google wants to give you a $10k/mo grant. This is an in-kind donation of Google ads. The catch is you must do a great job with the ads! Beyond that, in order to be effective, you must have a thorough marketing plan. Clicks to your website mean nothing if they don't convert to volunteers or donations.

Grant Writers

One of the most common ways nonprofits raise funds is by writing grants. Unfortunately, every other nonprofit out there is also writing for the same grants. Far too many organizations simply submit slightly modified versions of the same grant to as many places as possible. Talk to our grant writers and invest the effort, apply strategically, and increase your chance of success.

Innovative Fundraising Ideas

There are over 1 million other nonprofits out there looking for money. In order for you to be successful in this competition, you need to be innovative. We host events to develop innovative fundraising ideas and have published information from those events. We can help you come up with new ideas or help you figure out how to better implement your current ideas.

Save on Your Utilities

Whether it is phone and internet, or power and water, our providers are experts at helping nonprofits reduce their expenses. These savings increase as the size of your facility increases. Check with our providers to see if they can help you make the most of your money. There is generally no fee for this and the cost is a % of the savings, so there is never an out of pocket expense.