Attract and Retain Employees and Volunteers

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Board Development

Many people don't think of their board members as volunteers or employees, however, they are some of the most important people in your organization. They should set the vision for the organization, collaborate with the executive director, and be the first in line with fundraising. Investing in your board is absolutely worth the time, effort, and money.

Change Management

In nonprofit organizations, change can be challenging. In many organizations, the impulse is to just assume everyone will "come along with the change." Human nature doesn't work that way. Using professionals to implement change and bring along the gang as quickly and efficiently as possible is a wise investment.


Debt Resolution

Many people who work or volunteer for nonprofits experience financial hardship. Sometimes, they are forced to leave the nonprofit in order to get a "real" job and make-ends-meet. If your people are experiencing financial problems, connect them with someone who may be able to help.

Employee and Executive Coaching

Many nonprofits miss this opportunity because they think it is too expensive or don't understand its impact on the organization's bottom line. In reality, the expense is having unmotivated or untrained people. The penny-pincher says, "What if we develop them and they leave?" The strategic thinker says, "What if we don't develop them and they stay?"

Legal Insurance

Many people in society encounter legal issues. What if you could offer insurance to your employees at a low cost? Having a lawyer when needed can help reduce your people's "life stress" and allow them to focus on your organization and its mission.

Outsourced HR

Many nonprofits want to save money any way possible so they try to do their own Human Resources (HR) functions. This can work as long as everything is going well; however, when there is a problem, the organization can suffer if the proper systems and processes are not in place. Hire someone who knows what they are doing to ensure your employees and organization are taken care of professionally, ethically, and legally.

Retirement Plan

Many nonprofit organizations feel they can't offer a retirement plan because a 401k is too expensive. What if there were a way to help your employees save for retirement, do it at zero cost to the nonprofit, portable, and it could be customized for each employee? Let us introduce you to someone who can make this all happen! You can even offer this to your volunteers.

Your Employees Can Make Money and Bring You Funds at the Same Time

There are many ways your employees and volunteers can make extra money to allow them to remain with your organization. One option helps both your organization and your people. Why not tell them about a way to start a business at no cost where they make money by doing what they are already doing?